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Legacy Allstar Jake Peavy at Trinity Cove

Birthday:  12/13/08
Height:  Baby
Weight:   78 lbs at 5 mos
Hips:  Too Young
Elbows: Too Young

Cystinuria:  Too Young

Notes: Jake is a remarkable puppy, he is highly intelligent and wonderful. We have high hopes for his future. Thank you to Linda Morley Roser of Legacy Newfoundlands for the opportunity of raising this special boy!


CH Viking Ur Legacy Larrywalker
Sire:  CH Legacy of Baseball Cal Ripken



CH Legacy Storm Warning Tenniel
 CH Pouch Cove Cypress Bay Sam I Am
Dam:  CH Cypress Bay Legacy All Natalie
CH Cypress Bay’s Good News Girl

"Jake Peavy 16 months old"

"Jake Peavy at 16 months old"

"Jake at 5 months"

"Jake at 5 months"

"Jake at 5 months"


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