Grooming Tips

Grooming Tips


It is important to keep up with our Newfs coats, here are a few grooming tips:


Some of the equipment that you will need to keep a coat in tip top shape.


Slicker brush

Pin Brush

Wide tooth comb

Undercoat rake

High velocity dog dryer

Good quality dog shampoo and conditioner


It is important to brush your newf all the way down to the undercoat at least twice a week.  Start with the slicker brush lifting (with your free hand) the guard hair so that you can get to the undercoat making sure to be gentle on the skin.  You will be able to find any mats your newf may have.  If you Newf becomes matted you might want to consider investing in a mat splitter or if he becomes severely matted a professional groomer may be needed.  Once you have brushed with a slicker brush follow with the pin brush again being gentle on his skin.  If you have done a good job you should be able to comb with the wide tooth comb.  During shedding season (year round) J, you can use an undercoat rake to remove all of that loose undercoat. It is important that you brush your dog and remove any mats prior to bathing.  If you dog is matted prior to their bath the mats will get bigger and harder to brush out.


When bathing your Newf., you should use a good quality shampoo and conditioner designed for dogs.  Start off with some protective eye drops and cotton balls for his ears.  You always want to make sure that his eyes and ears are protected.  You will need to clean your newf all the way down to the skin through that dense undercoat.  Think of it as their spa day with a nice massage!  You might want to shampoo twice and follow up with a good conditioner making sure your newf is toughly rinsed!  I have found that the EQyss products work wonderful and smell great.  For best results invest in a high velocity dog dryer, this gets your newf dry, eliminates most odors and keeps your dogs skin healthy.  Remember to clean those ears with an ear cleaning solution.  A clean, soft, good smelling newf is the best cuddle therapy in the world…


Until next time!


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